People often complain about the bright spots in lighting units based on LEDs. Improving the efficiency and output of LEDs is great, but those lights will not do much good unless they can be made more comfortable to the eye.

That’s where diffusion materials come in. The glass or plastic covering over the light is not just meant to keep out dust. It should spread out the light coming from the light source so that illumination is smoothly spread out and looks even. Doing this well is more difficult than it sounds. Current diffusion materials tend to either not do that well enough, or do it by wasting a lot of the light by either sending it in a useless direction or converting it into heat.

Bayer MaterialScience LLC is not the only company making advances in this area. I’m just pointing to them because of a recent article about what they are doing, which you can see by clicking here.

For the most part I try to keep the discussion here at a level that people can understand without a degree in science. I would be grateful if you will comment to let me know whether I should give more pointers like this, or always translate for you as I did in the Lighting Discussion.