Interlux 3W GU10 LED Warm White

Rating 4.75/5 ★★★★¾ 

Tired of hot energy-sucking halogen bulbs? Don’t want to be stuck with fluorescents everywhere as the alternative after incandescents are completely unavailable? Found the quality of light from the last LED based replacements not good enough? These are for you!

They provide very nice high-quality light, yet are lower-priced than many others on the market. It’s possible to get some even cheaper, but at that level you’re more apt to encounter manufacturing flaws that drastically shorten the life of the light.

All of our kitchen lighting came from recessed halogens, and we didn’t like it. The light was harsher than from these. The bulbs burned out frequently. We were very aware of how wasteful they were. These are a big improvement!


  • Consumes much less electricity than the halogen bulb it replaces (up to 90% less).
  • Plug-in replacement for a standard GU10 35W halogen bulb in your existing fixtures.
  • Up to 50,000 hour life (15 years if used for 8 hours a day).
  • One-year warranty, and the vendor provides very good customer service.
  • Beam angle similar to halogen bulbs (a big plus, since many LED replacements have a narrower beam angle).


  • Cannot be dimmed with a conventional dimmer switch. May be dimmable with a specialty switch.
  • Costs more than a halogen bulb (although it lasts so much longer and uses so much less electricity, you should come out far ahead in the long run).

You can get these bulb replacements. Just click here to get them from an Amazon vendor.

Customer DJ Spark says:

The nice thing about these bulbs is that they start up straight away & they do not give a cold & depressing look to my home as many other low energy bulbs do. I have installed many lighting circuits in my time & they are probably the closest match to a standard 35W GU10 Halogen bulb that I have found yet [….] The company are extemely helpful & they offer competitive prices. The customer service is wonderful and I plan to do business with them again very soon :-)

Russell in Bedfordshire says:

I’ve bought these bulbs before and so I’ve put another 12 of these in my kitchen and wow! what a difference. Really superb. Only 36W and so bright and no more having to replace them every 6 months.

And T.T. says:

These lights are brilliant. Halogens look dingy and yellow next to these beauties. I only ordered two to try them out, but now I’m ordering more to replace all my halogens. Soon I’ll only be burning 30 W instead of 500 and enjoying the clean bright light these lights produce.

Dick D. adds:

Replaced tungstan GU10 with these and have to say they are equal in every way, no blue tones as you would normally get with leds.

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