Nature Bright PER3 LED SAD Therapy Lamp with Wakeup

Rating 3/5 ★★★☆☆ 

At long last! I’ve been looking for a SAD therapy lamp that I can use in the UK without needing to bring it back from the States. I prefer it to use LEDs. From our lighting discussion, you understand why–flicker bothers me and I don’t want extraneous UV radiation in my eyes! This lamp is exactly what I wanted!

I have a terrible time getting up in the morning during English winters when the sun doesn’t rise until as late as 08:30. (At one point I was going to move to Inverness in Scotland where winter nights are even longer.) I was resigned to needing to get up and switch on whatever SAD therapy light I bought, but this one doesn’t make me do that. It can be programmed to start itself and gradually ramp up to full light, simulating a dawn effect as my wake-up alarm.


  • Many SAD therapy lamps use fluorescent or halogen bulbs. I am not keen about UV leakage from those directly into my eyes. LEDs, as in this lamp, are safer.
  • Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston chose this lamp as “best of breed” for SAD light therapy.
  • The wakeup (and twilight dimming) features are a delightful bonus, and easy to program.


  • A disturbing proportion of these lamps appear to have a manufacturing defect that causes one or at worst two strips of the LEDs to go dark after a very limited time. That makes it important to buy where you can get a good warranty. (It’s the reason I rate it 3 stars, a little below the average rating online.)
  • As with most SAD therapy lamps, you have to stay close to the lamp for a while to get the full therapeutic effect. My brother reads the newspaper with his in the morning, which is about the right exposure. I haven’t set a firm routine yet.

Whenever I find a comparable unit with better manufacturing consistency, I will replace this review. For now, this is as good as it gets!

If you have the same difficulty in the winter as mine, or worse like my brother, click here to get this lamp with free Super Saver shipping from Amazon. Amazon is beating everybody else on price (by quite a bit). They have a reputation for holding their vendors’ feet to the fire if something goes wrong–in the event that you get a faulty unit, you’ll have Amazon on your side.