PURElite 3-in-1 Magnifying LED Lamp

I live about three miles from a marvelous quilting supply shop that has a knack for bringing in leading-edge devices before anybody else knows about them. At the start of December, we stopped by to pick up a fabric marking pen and saw this light. For most types of lamps, the best I find are in the States and the UK version comes in second. This is the best lamp of its type that I’ve found anywhere!

You can assemble it as a floor lamp to sit beside you, as a table lamp, or as a clip-on desk lamp. It will run on mains power or batteries.

The magnifying lens is 15 cm (larger than many other magnifying lamps). It provides 2x magnification, and it is on a flexible swan neck to give you plenty of positioning control. It has 21 LED light sources–more than most competing lamps. The more LEDs you have in a lamp, the less chance there is of minor oddities and shadows in the lighting you get.

It’s great for doing fine handwork like needlepoint or embroidery, and it’s also wonderful for people whose eyes need a lot more help than they used to for reading or doing crossword puzzles.

There are no user reviews for this light at Amazon UK yet, but the lady who runs the quilters’ shop never settles for less than the best. You can’t get a stronger recommendation than simply seeing it in her shop–it really is a delight.

If you want one of your own, click here to get it with free Super Saver shipping from Amazon.

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