Philips LED Panel Book Reading Light

Rating 4/5 ★★★★☆ 

A very wise cousin sent us a lower-priced version of this, and it is a relationship-saver. We both read but often don’t go to sleep at the same time, so we needed a second one. If you read about the budget model and want something higher-end, this is it.

You can use this to read in bed without disturbing the person right next to you who is trying to sleep. The light is gentle, evenly spread across the page, instead of having hot spots and shadows.


  • Can save your marriage if one of you likes to read right before going to sleep and the other doesn’t.
  • Much easier on the eyes than any other book light I’ve ever had.
  • Runs on batteries so you can take it anywhere, but you don’t change the built-in batteries. You recharge by plugging into a USB port (6 hours the first time, 3 hours thereafter).
  • Adjustable (three lighting levels).
  • Comes with a one-year guarantee.


  • The acrylic can crack if mistreated. (It comes with a protective cover.)
  • The acrylic smudges easily, and some people aren’t satisfied wiping it clean with the protective sleeve.
  • If you won’t have a USB port handy to recharge it, you’ll prefer a model with replaceable batteries.

This can save your sanity, and Amazon has dramatically reduced the price on it. Just click here to get it from Amazon. It is eligible for free Super Saver shipping on the usual terms.

J. Botham says:

I love this reading light. Easy to use once you get used to reading through the screen (I hang it on one side and read both sides of the open page without moving it – saves hassle). Easy to recharge and comes in a nice case with a mini USB cable to charge with – you will need to charge from a USB port or, as I do, use a separate USB plug adapter near the bed which you’ll need to buy if you don’t already have one for a phone or similar.

B. Ashley uses it during air travel:

I am an active traveler. I find it hard to sleep on flights […] I read.

The trouble is long flights in the dark is that “normal” people, go to sleep. And I’ve always felt a bit rude turning on the standard reading-light that is above my seat. The fact that a single reading light on the plane generally bathes around 6 seats in a nice nuclear glow, doesn’t help. So, when this arrived, I took it with me instead.

It’s a handy little thing, lightweight, has a carrying case and a cover for the plastic. Switching on reveals it’s low-glow status, and 2 subsequent presses cycles to the other 2 brightnesses. [….] Obviously, the brighter the setting, the less battery life, although even at the maximum setting, 3.5 hours is more than you’d get out of a laptop.

Some people don’t like the USB-recharge feature. Since I always have techie toys with me, it’s fine for me. I haven’t tried the lowest intensity setting, but I understand it might go as long as 9 hours on one charge at that setting.

Although I don’t need anything like this to compensate for eye problems, Anthony Barton says it is good for that too:

As i suffer from Gloucoma+cataracts,and being a avid reader,i,have been looking for a device for aiding me to read. this device is the best as as the eyes become tired you can increase the brightness at a push of a button.would recommend to any person with eye problems (don’t buy cheaper versions not up to same standard)

To get this from Amazon with eligibility for Super Saver shipping, click here.

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