Lifemax 250.1 High Vision Standing Lamp

Rating 4.5/5 ★★★★½ 

Floor lamps are great for people who love to read (like me) or do handwork (such as knitting or embroidery, like my partner). The LED floor lamp I like best so far in the UK is the one that spoiled me in the lab, which we can’t buy. The best of what we can buy use compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

You can position a floor lamp to provide good light on the page or item from exactly the right angle. Since I am righthanded, I like to get reading or working light over my left shoulder.

For task lighting when in comfy seating, it has been a tough choice between a lamp from The Craftlight Company and this Lifemax model at about the same price. Both are good standing lamps for task lighting, but the Lifemax wins out as sturdier and a little nicer-looking.


  • Bright cool white 27 watt daylight CFL, about as bright as a 150 watt incandescent.
  • Replacement bulbs are available, which is not true for some LED lamps.
  • When properly assembled, it is more robust than the runner-up, especially if you like to adjust the angle of the light.
  • If you are of at least average height, the switch is nicely located.
  • Although technically not an anti-SAD lamp, its 6500 degree Kelvin temperature is close to daylight and can help you fend off SAD.
  • Its 4000 Hz transformer combats the flicker effect that ordinary 50 Hz fluorescents cause. (This lamp won’t make my migraines worse.)


  • Assembly is finicky and non-intuitive, a repeated source of complaints. Grease the threads a little and follow the instructions carefully and patiently, and it will fit together sturdily.
  • If you are shorter than average, the switch may not be easy to reach from your chair.
  • Somewhat futuristic look, not an elegant fashion statement, although not ugly either.

If you favor cool white for your floor lamp to get high contrast, this is one of the best I see available right now. From my Lighting Discussion, you have a idea what light from a so-called daylight lamp looks like. Cool white tends to be best for people who need bright light and high contrast.

As a CFL lamp, this should give you better energy efficiency and longer bulb life (8000 hours per bulb) than an incandescent or halogen lamp, not to mention more satisfying task illumination.

If this seems as good to you as it looks to me, you can click here to get it from Amazon.

Customer Mrs C.E. offers an example of what this lamp can do for people who are having some difficulty seeing and need high contrast:

I bought this lamp for my 90 year old father who has macular degeneration and avoids having to read anything for very long. He has now increased the length of time he reads because the light given off by this lamp is just so good!

To the point, M.E. says:

Best light I have come across for reading in a long time, well worth the money, wouldn’t like to be without it. Highly recommended.

User A.C.J. says:

This lamp is brilliant and so much better than the last one of its kind that I had.

The design is great and easy to use. The switch is in a handy position. The stem is completely flexible so that you can move the light-head around well. The base is compact so doesn’t need a lot of space. [….]

The Lifemax light also makes me feel good when I’m reading in its lovely daylight glow.

I couldn’t ask for more. I thoroughly recommend it – it is great value for money.

If you want one of your own, click here to get it with free Super Saver shipping from Amazon.

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