Z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp - Cool White

Rating 4.5/5 ★★★★½ 

A floor lamp won’t do when you’re working at a desk and need good task lighting.

This lamp is good for people who want:

  • An energy-efficient desk lamp, yet with good quality light for the work area
  • Task lighting during work time and muted lighting when playing computer games
  • Direct task lighting for some tasks and indirect lighting bounced off the ceiling or wall for other tasks


  • Uses LEDs for energy efficiency and long life
  • Cool white comparable to daylight
  • Has four intensity settings from full-on to dim
  • Amazingly flexible so you can direct light where you want it


  • Unlike some incandescent or fluorescent lamps, its light is not strong enough or diffuse enough to brighten a room
  • The cool white colour may be more harsh than some people like

The few negative reviews you might find elsewhere generally complain that the light is not bright enough to light a room. That’s true. But as a desk lamp, it excels. Take a look at what it can do…

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If you favor cool white for your desk lamp and want LED light, this is one of the best I see available right now. From my Lighting Discussion, you know what a 4500 degree color temperature means (closer to 6000 degree daylight than to 2800 degree incandescent), so you have a idea what its shade of white light looks like. It is about three times as popular as its warm-white cousin.

User J.K. did considerable research before buying, and finished his lengthy enthusiastic review like this:

I am extremely satisfied with my Koncept Z-Bar High Power LED Lamp. The price was not too high, especially considering the current price range for other LED desk lamps, and the quality is truly stunning. I have no problems at all with it, no complaints, and haven’t seen any flickering or other sub-par behavior. Would definitely buy again. The only other problem I found was that these lamps are extremely popular right now and hard to find available online. I think Koncept themselves are out of stock on these for at least another month. So if you can find a retailer who still has these in stock, buy one quickly, because chances are, in another hour they’ll be sold out too. =:)

Another user review by C.D. adds:

I’d like to add that the lowest setting makes for a really subtle glow on the desk (think red pilot/army night vision brightness) which is really fun for late night gaming or surfing. You can also aim it straight up (rotating the last segment on the end like it was a screwdriver) at the ceiling (works best on white) to disperse the light across the room. I’m lighting a 14’x14′ space like this for ambient lighting (watching movies, not stepping on the cat, avoiding glare on monitors). It’s slick for sure, I’m getting another one.

The lamp is very adjustable (as you saw in the video), has a four-step dimmer switch, and is energy efficient. Its 6 LEDs put out 120 foot-candles of light from just 9 watts of power. It is rated to run 40,000 hours before output drops to 70% of the original level.

If you want one of your own, click here to get it with free Super Saver shipping from Amazon.

Remember that unless you switch off power from the wall socket, it will continue to sip power when it is off. To add an easy-to-use switch for turning it completely off, click here.

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