Lumian Design LED Desk Lamp with Night Light

Rating 4.5/5 ★★★★½ 

A floor lamp won’t do when you’re working at a desk and need good task lighting… but not everyone can afford something like the Z-Bar desk lamps. Here is a more budget-minded option.

This lamp is good for people who want:

  • An energy-efficient desk lamp, yet with good quality light for the work area
  • Task lighting during work time
  • A night light after bedtime


  • Uses LEDs for energy efficiency and long life
  • Cool white comparable to daylight
  • A large number of small LEDs to prevent interference artefacts
  • Built-in night light
  • Elegant, modern, thoughtful design at a bargain price


  • Unlike some incandescent or fluorescent lamps, its light is not diffuse enough to brighten an entire room
  • The cool white colour can appear harsh

If you favor cool white for your desk lamp and want LED light, you should love this. From my Lighting Discussion, you know its 6500 degree colour temperature is crisp, slightly bluer than daylight, so you have a idea what its shade of white light looks like. It does not emit ultraviolet. But it’s bright, emitting (240 lumens). Combining cool whiteness with intensity, it is especially suitable for people who need bright light and strong contrast to help them read.

The lamp is rated for 36,000 hours of useful life and includes a built-in night light. It is elegantly designed, and its use of a larger number of smaller LEDs provides more even illumination than lamps with a smaller number of brighter LEDs.

Amazon offers it at a price noticeably lower than I’ve seen at some other places, and with free Super Saver shipping.

To give you some idea what people think of it, one user’s review says:

This is an elegant LED lamp with a beautifully curved neck that resembles a swan. I like that instead of using several high powered large LEDs like the Z-bar, they opted for clusters of smaller low powered LEDs that offers the same overall brightness. This allows the lamp to deliver a uniform light without bright spots, and run cooler thus less energy being wasted to heat, a true green product at heart!

They have also added several minute nuances such as the dimmer night light, ruff surface on the base to avoid unwanted light reflection into the eye, and Apple-esque finish on the lamp head which in my opinion, projects the product to a new level of completeness not often seen in an emerging product.

If you are going to own any green product, this would definitely be the one to own.

If you want one of your own, click here to get it with free Super Saver shipping from Amazon.

Remember that unless you switch off power from the wall socket, it will continue to sip power when it is off. To add an easy-to-use switch for turning it completely off, click here.

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