I-Tower High Power LED Floor Lamp - Warm White

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Floor lamps are great for people who love to read (like me) or do handwork (such as knitting or embroidery, like my partner).

You can position a floor lamp to provide good light on the page or item from exactly the right angle. Since I am righthanded, I like to get reading or working light over my left shoulder.

The few negative reviews you might find elsewhere generally complain that the light is not bright enough to light a room. That’s true. But as a standing lamp for task lighting, it’s very nice. Take a look at what it can do…


If you favor warm white for your floor lamp and want LED light, this is one of the best I see available right now. The light from this lamp will look softer to you, less harsh, than the light from its cool white cousin, but it is less like daylight.

Its 6 LEDs consume just 9 watts of power and are rated for 40,000 hours.

As you saw in the video, this lamp is very adjustable and dimmable to give you just the amount of light you need, exactly where you need it.

User G.R. says:

It took a couple of weeks to get used to the spectrum of light, and it certainly didn’t come close to lighting up the room as a halogen lamp would. However, I really love it, the dimmer function, the functionality of the light bar is quite nice with a 360 degree spin capability.

The Koncept LED floor model is quite spare in its design. It was simple to put together. It came packaged in an engineered box insert that would be handy for a return. I won’t be returning mine and would love to buy more LED technology lighting products as they improve and come down in price.

If you want one of your own, click here to get it with free Super Saver shipping from Amazon.

Remember that unless you switch off power from the wall socket, it will continue to sip power when it is off. To add an easy-to-use switch for turning it completely off, click here.

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