Fulcrum 6 LED Porch Light with Motion Sensor

Rating 4.25/5 ★★★★¼ 

Although I would not say Fulcrum is pushing the state of the art, they are producing some nice, practical LED based lighting. As I’ve said, we can’t all sit in the dark while waiting for perfection.

This is a clever and inexpensive battery powered solution to dark nooks and crannies outside your house. The light sensor keeps it from turning on during the day. After dark, it turns on whenever it sees movement within its range and stays on until 30 seconds after movement stops.

As “Mustang Girl” says:

I live on a horse farm in the country and when it gets dark it gets dark. I have bought solar powered lights in the past and that was a waste of money. These lights worked so great I bought more of them! Money well spent.

Its light is rather blue, which is what knocked it down a little in my rating. It isn’t very bright. It isn’t sophisticated. The only adjustment it allows you to make is rotation to point it in the direction you want it to monitor and illuminate. It’s simple, not too big, easy to mount, and only sips from the batteries. It’s ideal for, say, that long dark alley I have to navigate with the rubbish bin to set it out for pickup.

You’ll find most people who buy it feel as I do–it’s just right for the job. Like Glenn O.R. Jr:

I purchased two different battery powered motion sensor LED lights – just to determine which one I wanted several of — The Fulcrum Porch Light is the winner I have two and plan to buy two more. They are placed along a path to the shed and on the shed – should have bought them before now. Don’t hesitate, if you don’t want to trip around inside or out buy several Fulcrum sensor lights.

If you have some dark corners outside where you need a little light from time to time, click here to get it at Amazon–it is eligible for free Super Saver shipping on orders over $25.

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