Fulcrum 12 LED Magnifier Floor Lamp

Rating 4.5/5 ★★★★½ 

This rating does not capture the enthusiasm of a number of reviews by users. It has many fans who sound like they would like to rate it 6 out of 5!

For some types of handwork such as embroidery, it’s great to have not only good strong light, but also magnification (which becomes more important for people like me who need reading glasses). This floor lamp provides both while leaving you unencumbered to go about your task.

This lamp is good for people who want:

  • An energy-efficient floor lamp that provides good quality light task light while they are seated on a comfy chair or sofa
  • Magnification for seeing their task better
  • Direct lighting that does not interfere with other activities in the room


  • Uses LEDs for energy efficiency and long life
  • A cool white that gives good contrast and crisp task illumination
  • Lamp is on a flex arm, not hinged, so you can direct light where you want it
  • It can run on either batteries or plug-in power


  • Unlike some incandescent or fluorescent lamps, its light is not strong enough or diffuse enough to bright a room (although if you want task lighting, this can be a positive instead of a negative)
  • The cool colour will not suit people who want warmer softer lighting

If the love of your life wants to watch the telly while you sew and you aren’t keen about wearing reading glasses while you work, this lamp is the best solution I’ve found in the States. Its 12 LEDs are arranged in four groups of three near the corners of the magnifier, so shadowing is minimal. Amazon offers it with free Super Saver shipping.

This lamp has several rave reviews from people such as Betty H. S., who says:

My 86 year old mom has tried multiple hand held magnifiers over the years, some lighted, some not, in her efforts to keep reading after a diagnosis of dry macular degeneration. We decided to try this lamp due to the combination of LED lights, gooseneck positioning, and the strength of the magnifier.

In the month since the light was delivered my mom’s life has expanded. She loves this light. With her hands free, she can work her large-print crosswords puzzles and is even reading magazines again. We are thrilled with the light and are so grateful that her quality of life is better because of it.

I regard it as a compromise. Its price is lower than that of most competing lamps, but the LED “light bulbs” cannot be replaced. The lamp is rated for 10,000 hours, so I recommend it only if you need a magnifier lamp but don’t want to spring for something higher grade for a year or more. Go for a higher grade version now if you are able to afford it. But if you cannot afford a higher grade, it’s impossible to ignore the number of people who regard this lamp as a lifesaver–it has given back their favourite activities to them.

If you want one of your own, currently at a deep discount, click here to get it with free Super Saver shipping from Amazon.

Normally, the USA has more available than the UK, but in this instance the UK has a 21-LED alternative that you might prefer if I can find a source for it there. Stay tuned–when I find a USA version, I will let you know!

Remember that unless you switch off power from the wall socket, it will continue to sip power when it is off. To add an easy-to-use switch for turning it completely off, click here.

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