In 2009/2010 while working with a private business incubator, I drafted patent applications for some next-generation lighting technology. Although non-disclosure requirements do not allow me to tell you exactly what I saw in the lab, my blog subscribers here will find out as soon as his inventions begin to become available for purchase. It’s stunning. You’ve never seen artificial lighting like what he can produce.

Until then:

  • I will help you understand why each type of artificial light you can get now leaves you feeling like something is missing.
  • I subscribe to some trade periodicals about the leading edge of the lighting industry and will let you know, in language you can grasp, when I see especially good developments in the field.
  • From time to time I will also look at what you can buy and point out some of the best. We can’t all sit in the dark waiting for what I saw in the lab to become available. In the meantime, we can at least use the best of what is available.

Your comments are welcome. If you notice new developments that I miss, feel free to tell me and my subscribers through a comment!